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How video remote interpreting can improve children's healthcare

How Video Remote Interpreting Improves Children’s Healthcare

As I've talked about in previous articles, one in 10 U.S. residents of childbearing age has limited English proficiency (LEP). That means millions of parents face language barriers when it comes to accessing healthcare for their children. Fortunately,…
The High Price of Medical Interpreting Errors

The High Price of Medical Interpreting Errors

I like to tell my team that the work we do at Boostlingo isn’t life-and-death. I’ve worked in life-and-death as a transplant nurse. But the work we do in building technology to support medical interpreting does enable the entire care…
How OPI Can Help Rural Areas Overcome Language Barriers

How OPI Can Help Rural Areas Overcome Language Barriers

It is common knowledge that most big cities act as immigration centers. Nonetheless, a rising number of immigrants are settling in rural America. Immigrants account for around 4.8 percent of the rural population and 16.6 percent of the urban…

3 Trends in Video Remote Interpreting

  As CEO of Boostlingo, we are constantly monitoring how the industry is changing and listening to how Language Service Companies use our interpretation technology. One of the major changes we’ve been tracking is the growing popularity…
Why family members don't make the best interpreters

Why Family Members Don’t Make The Best Interpreters

Patients are frequently accompanied by a family member, a friend, or a caregiver when they arrive for an appointment or a medical procedure to serve as interpreters. People who accompany a patient provide moral and physical support, an extra…
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